Sunday, March 4, 2012

Putting that energy to use

Saturday was a busy day. Got a lot done. More than I could in the past. I wasn't even tired afterwards. Crazy. Full of energy and motivation. I've never known these feelings before and I love it.

Here is a little sample of what I got done:

Sewing room before and after
 After getting the sewing room in shape I worked on some zombie dolls. Here are the two I made:
Zombie 1 with her mini doll

Zombie 2
 So it was a great day for me. I'm sure your asking yourself, "Why in the hell is she excited to clean and sew?" Easy. Because it's the first time in a long time I have been able. I know I have a long way to go to reach my goal weight but believe this: JUST A LITTLE WEIGHTLOSS CAN MAKE IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR LIFE.
Don't focus on total amount you need to lose, it will just discourage you before you even start. Focus on losing one pound. Than focus on the next pound after that.

Remember consult your doctor before beginning any weightloss plan. Don't be afraid to try different programs until you find one you like. And you don't have to stick to just one. I am on two different plans and that work for me and i'm happy with them.

My BodyByVi
Weight Watchers

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bouncing off the walls

So two weeks ago I started drinking the BodyByVi nutritional shakes. I have had great things happen to my health. My once extremely dry skin is now so soft and smooth and I am finally off  insulin shots!

Now another 'side effect' of feeding my body great nutrition is I have so much energy. I can't sit still! I am so full of energy I am literally bouncing off the walls and can't sit down. Which is not good for lazy me who wants to watch her favorite TV shows. Now it's very good for new me who has the laundry caught up and is able to do a lot of sewing. I plan on finishing up two zombie dolls tonight!

Tomorrow I will use this excess energy to clean and organize my sewing room. (it is a total train wreck). Maybe clean out the 'junk' room. Oh... new thought I may just move the sewing room to the junk room and make the sewing room a..a... I don't know. A guest room? A workout room?

When I finally work off some energy I have some planning to do:
1. I am working on my reward/bucket list. I hope to share it with you one day.
2. I need to make a goal list. I find it works for me if I have small goals to work toward. Gives me focus.
3. A novel I am working on is way to long, I'm going to murder it and start from scratch. Which is just insane since I'm well over 20 something chapters into it. But oh well it's my make believe world and it needs an over haul.

Dinner time and tonight's shake is... Almond Joy!!! I will share the recipe tomorrow.

As always... there are so many good weight loss plans out there. Research, find one you like, talk to your doctor and do it!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just another wonderful day

Today’s Shake:
Snicker doddle !!! This is another one I love.

The shake:
Two scoops of the bodybyvi shake mix (2 points if you are on Weight Watchers points plus)
8 oz. water (you can also use skim, soy, or almond milk)
Some vanilla extract
Cinnamon (I use a good bit but I am a cinnamon freak. You may want to use just a dash or two)
Honey (I put in last over top the ice before blending or else it sinks to bottom and sticks)
1 packet  Truvia (optional, I use because I have an extreme sweet tooth)

I add everything but honey and ice to blender and blend for a few seconds to get it mixed well. Then add ice followed by honey. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Don’t forget if you use this as a meal replacement you need to have two to three healthy snacks a day and a healthy meal. Don’t starve yourself! Weight loss will come when you put in the effort but do it the healthy way!

33 pounds lost
Still insulin free

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Road Taken To Often

Diabetes is a rough road travel. But it is a road I put myself on and now it’s time to take control. For years my sugar has been controlling me. I’m tired of it. This is the year I get my health back on track.
I will do this, one pound at a time. One healthy habit at a time. One positive thing at a time.
What I have done up to now:
·         I started Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds. I have many more pounds to go.
·         I have taken all my meds on time and every day. (In the past I hardly ever took my meds as I was suppose to) *I am now off my insulin shots*
·         I eat 2 apples a day. I have discovered I love love love apples. Granny Smith apples rock!
·         Most times I make healthy food choices.
·         I have weeded the negative people out of my life.
·         I learned to accept myself and my flaws (this was the hardest)

What I am beginning to do and plan to do this year:
·         I will focus on nutrition. I am doing this by way of BodyByVi and educating myself.
·         No more obsessing over the number on the scales.
·         This week I am going to slowly add exercise to my daily life.
·         My mental health is just as important as my physical health I am going to take steps to bring some sanity to my life.
·         I am going to try new things. Maybe face a fear or two.
There will be times when I slip. I am okay with that. It is what I do after those bad moments that will define me. Continue my healthy path or give up?
Ready to take charge of your health? Here are some links.
My BodyByVi Site

Weight Watchers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Insert title here - because I can't' think of one

Yes I am a big fan of Weight Watchers and BodyByVi.
Do I wish everyone was on these two programs? Yes I do. But everyones journey is different.
If you are overweight and want to change that, DO SOMETHING!
What works for me might not be what you want.
Just please try to do something to change your health for the better.

If you are out and about on the web and see a plan you want to try. Research it, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR, and ask yourself if you are ready to commit to a change in lifestyle. Yes a change in lifestyle. There are no miracle weightloss plans (people may claim it but The key is to pick a plan you can live with.

Don't be afraid of change and the work you have to put into it. No one can lose the weight for you.
I have been on plans in the past that many people flourished on, they lost weight, kept it off and improved their life. Why did those plans not work for me? I was not ready to change my life. Plain and simple. It was easier to sit on my ass and let my health decline. People my A1C was and 11 !!! That is HIGH. I was killing myself. I hurt all the time, getting out of bed tired me out, I went through my day miserable and hating myself.

One day my mom said lets try this Weight Watchers points plus plan. I said sure with no intention of trying. But I read the plan...hmmm. Sounded easy enough. What could it hurt if I tried? I promised myslef to try it for 24 hours. I could commit to one day. That one day went to one week which went to one month. You get the picture. Three months into my new lifestyle my A1C was 6.6 !!! WooHoooooo !!!

It is not easy. I still make bad food choices. I avoid exercise at all cost (I am working on changing that). I do on occasion gain a few pounds back before I get control again. Some days are a breeze some days I struggle and have to take it minute by minute. Sometimes I win the battle sometimes I lose. But I NEVER give up!

There are a few things I do that I feel add to any plan.
 1) I look at success stories to inspire.
 2) Podcast (Reasonable Diet/Six Minutes of Sanity is the best! Sandra Ahten rocks!)
 3) Keep a sense of humor. It will help you get through the dark moments.
 4) Read. Write. Some sort of hobby you can turn to calm the mind.
 5) Make a lists of rewards/bucket list. Read it when you need a kick in the tush.

The journey of a thousand miles may begin with the one step but the journey to a new you begins with putting the fork down.

I was thinking should I end all my posts with "Put down the fork and get off your ass" ? Too much? What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy

Last nights BodyByVi shake was: Pina Coloda!
Ok... this is the best so far. I have loved all the other flavors I've tried but this one made me feel like I was cheating on my weightloss journey!

The Shake:
Two scoops of the BodyByVi shake mix (2 points if you are on WW points plus)
8 oz of almond milk (add a little water if you want)
Fresh pineapple - I used two handfuls
Small Spoonful of jello pudding coconut powder (optional)
Coconut extract
1 packet of Truvia (totally optional, I like my shakes on the sweeter side)

I find that the shake blends better and easier if you add everything but the ice, blend a few seconds that add the ice.Blend until ice is well crushed. Enjoy this sinful tasting meal!

Also, still insulin free. Don't worry I check my sugar levels often. *I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  I AM NOT RECOMMENDING YOU DRINK THE SHAKES AND STOP TAKING YOUR INSULIN OR ANY OF YOUR MEDS* I am working closely with my doctor and as always I respect her opinions and follow her advice.

No major changes in my weight at this time but my clothes are much getting a little too big! Woohoo !!!

Yes I am a big fan of Weight Watchers and BodyByVi. Do I wish everyone was on these two programs? Yes I do. But everyones journey is different. If you are overweight and want to change that, DO SOMETHING! What works for me might not be what you want. Just please try to do something to change your health for the better.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Life's Ups and Downs

The last few days have been a crazy ride. I've have acheived a most happy accomplishment and received the saddest news.

First the happy: I have been off my insulin for four days now and my sugar levels have been great. Staying between 95 and 130. Being able to stop having to give myself insulin shots has been a goal I never dreamed I would meet so darn soon! I am so happy and proud of myself.
I worked hard. Weight Watchers helped me get so far and the BodyByVi Challenge helped the rest of the way. Feeling this good at this weight???? How crazy is that?
I can't imagine how good I will feel when I reach my goal weight. 

Now comes the heartbreak. My daughter, Rachel miscarried yesterday.  My first grand baby is gone. Thankfully Rachel is okay, well at least she is physically. She is heartbroken but she is strong. It is so difficult to see your child go through something so awful and not be able to ease their pain or make it all better.