Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little Motivation

Ok....I will admit. I have had a rough couple of weeks. I still followed my Weight Watchers plan...sorta. I was not as strict as I should have been. Here is what happened, at first I was losing weight so fast and that kept me motivated. Than the weight loss slowed, a lot. I had a very tough time staying focused.

But even though I did not track my points as well as I should I still made healthy food choices.

So today was the weigh in. I was shaking as I got on the scales. My fear was my weight had stayed the same or worse it had crept up a tad. I step on the scales, with dread I look down at the number....25 pounds lost !!!

Hell yeah! 25 pounds!!! 25 freaking long-gone-never-to-be-seen-again pounds! Talk about some motivation. Now I feel ready to jump back on the program 100%. I have also discovered that even when not obsessing with points and portions I have adapted to a healthy way of eating and it is becoming second nature to me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

EXERCISE....Be gone you demon!

There is a demon in my life. It is the ‘I hate exercise demon’ that possess me.
But do I really want to exorcise the exercise demon?
No. Not really. Not yet anyway.
Diets in the past have failed me or I have failed them. One reason this happens is I try to change my eating habits and begin an exercise program at the same time. Then I obsess with them. It is the all or nothing attitude I have. 
So this time I will focus on my eating habits first. Once they become second nature to me I will add exercise in. Oh I do walk a few laps at work during lunch and hike every now and then but it is not what I consider  a exercise program.
I do not like running plus it is dangerous when you have big boobs. Plus my hips are bad.
Walking for long periods of time just gets boring. Even with my mp3 player blasting some My Chemical Romance.
Biking. Nope. My balance is not really good right now.
Team sports. I am not a team player.
Dancing. Oh I love dancing but I’m not going somewhere and dance as big as I am. Plus the bad hip thing again.
So exercise is not on my agenda right now.
I know some of you are saying ‘you can’t not exercise while on a weight loss plan’. Well I say…bite me. At least I’m doing something to improve my health. Maybe one day I will add exercise to my life but right now I’m doing what is right for me.