Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Smart Ones Dessert Review

Smart Ones Strawberry Shortcake

This dessert comes in a two individual serving box. Each serving is 5 points plus. At my local grocery store I paid $2.88 plus tax.

At first glance the serving looked tiny, but after an hour of anxious room temperature thaw I was surprised at how well it satisfied my sweet tooth. The serving size turned out to be perfect! (you can always do a quick microwave thaw but I like the anticipation of the wait).

I was afraid it would have that chewy frozen taste most cake desserts have but it was moist and delicious. The dessert did not look as good as the one on the front of box. But what frozen meal does?

The fat chick in me would have liked more whip topping (because I am addicted to whip topping), but in reality it was just enough.

The question you really want the answer to....yes it is worth using 5 of your points on.
It's late in the evening and you still haven't met your daily points goal...oh yes this dessert is worth relaxing on the couch with while chilling with the family or by yourself.

Is it worth digging into your weekly allowance points? Not so much. Now their Key Lime pie is a different story....