Sunday, August 28, 2011

3,2,1 blast off.

Week one was a crazy week. I was never hungry and my energy level began to go up a little more everyday. The best part...the weight was melting off.

I suspected the first week would be good. The bigger you are the faster you lose at first.
3 pounds down. Gone forever.

Week two. Just as easy as week one. Plus, oh hell yes...I was 198. Finally I was below the 200 mark.

Week three. Still on a roll. 194 pounds. 13 pounds of nasty unhealthy fat gone! Plus i was having to lower my insulin dose a little every few days. I even went hiking, could not go far. Still a fat chick and out of shape. But I went and it was fun.

Week four: My period hit. I wanted chocolate. I walked at work during lunch, I Wii bowled with my hubby at night. I did everything I could think of to keep myself away from chocolate. Until Friday. A co-worker made fudge and brought it to work. I tried to be good, really I did. Finally I could not take it anymore...I had one bite. I chewed it slowly, it was awesome. As I was reaching for another piece, it hit me. I was satisified, I did not want that next bite, did not need it. So I didn't have it. Woohoo me! Weight 191 pounds.

Week five: Seems passing the 190 mark was going to be difficult. But I kept faith in my new eating habits and stuck with the program. Plus I measured my waist: 44 inches. That's right... six inches gone! Never have I lost weight in my belly! People think I have had surgery because my belly has shrunk so much so fast. And I can see my feet again when i look down!

Week six: Hurt my back. Could not move. Had to go to doctor. She was amazed and excited about my weightloss. She showed me how my pulse and blood pressure had improved since my last visit. stuck with diet 85% of the time. It's not easy to stay focused when you're doped up.

Week seven: back on track. But where is the weightloss. Why can't I punch through that 190 mark?

Week eight: What the hell? I got on the scales and bam! 186! Not only did i pass the 190 mark but I blew through it!

Week nine: 185. This is where I am at right now. Wearing XL tee shirts and size 18 pants. I am still fat and have a ways to go but whew...the benefits. I am more confident in myself. I have more energy. I move around much easier. Plus, things have gotten more intense in the bedroom.

Just so you know, this is a recap of the last nine weeks. Don't get the idea it was easy as pie. There were times I struggled and got discouraged. But I do have a support system. My co-workers are amazing. Everyday they encourage me and make me owe up to any cheating. I don't really think cheating is the word because I always stay within my point limit.
Nancy, a co-worker quizzes my everyday about my points from the day before. She tells me every Friday, "You be good and don't go over your point limit this weekend!" When she brings brownies to work she always has me a bite size piece cut so I don't have to feel left out. My co-workers are more excited about my weightloss than I am! Keeping them all in the loop really helps. Helps keep me accountable and motivated.

The journey of a hundred miles starts apple?

I read the Weight Watcher points plus start up booklet. I told myself, "Self, try it for a day. 24 hours of your life you can devote to this and see how it feels." I'm sure you're thinking, 24 hours! What kind of commitment is that? Well for me a big one. With most diets I didn't not make it past the 3 hour mark. Why?

Here was my line of thinking... If I die with the next few minutes, would I want my last meal to be something tasteless and nasty? (Yes, true story.)

The first 24 hours began with a trip to the grocery store. I bought a few meals and a bag of apples.

My first ever meal to begin the mission to a new me was an apple. Have you ever really sat and ate an apple and only focused on the apple. The noise it makes when you bite into the crispy apple. The juice that shoots all over the apple and your hand. The sweetly tart taste. The texture as it rolls around in your mouth as you chew? (FYI: this is not an erotic story you pervs) As i took my time to eat this Granny Smith apple i realized this was the best sweet treat ever. It really did beat candy. Yes I was shocked too.

I had three small frozen meals that day and two apples for snack. Don't knock the frozen meals, it is a great way to learn portion control if you aren't into measuring every bite of food that goes into your mouth.

The day ended just as it began: with me on this new diet. I was not hungry, I did not go over my point limit and I knew I could live with this plan. I also made a new best friend...the apple. Thank you ever so much Ms. Eve for taking that first bite!

Facing the facts

The day I began to change my life I weighed 207 pounds. I have weighed more in the past but no matter the type of diet, or amount of exercise I was never able to drop below the 200 mark. I have always known, this weight amount was my barrier. My downfall. I would get close to it but never 'get there'. So i would give up and the weight gain would start up again. In my heart I have felt that once I drop below that 200 amount weightloss would be a breeze and I would be on my way to a better me.

I knew I was going to lose weight this time I just hadn't figured out how I was going to go about it. I was checking out diets and not finding anything that appealed to me. Than, (drum beat inserted here) my mom called. She was buying her a Weight Watchers start up kit and wanted to buy me one. I panicked in that moment...Weight Watchers was a group thing and I am not a group person. (there is a story about that which I will share at a later date). Plus to me Weight Watchers seemed a little to cult like and I do not want to be a cult follower. A cult leader maybe, but not a follower. Well my mom must have sensed my weariness she said, "Susan you don't have to join, just follow the program."

Against my better judgement I said, "Okay mom get me the kit." She told me i would have it in a week or so. So during that week of waiting I ate like there was not going to be a tomorrow. That week I was miserable (like every other week before) my sugar was out of control, my stomach hated me and showed me how it felt by torturing me, and even getting up to go to work was a huge task, i just had no energy.

So to recap...over 200 pounds, health on a major decline and the fear of an early death was an everyday thing to me.

Facing the facts:
207 pounds
sugar numbers never dropping below the 200 mark
waist, 50 inches.
2 x and 3x shirts
22 size pants (tight at that)
hip pain
oh and lets not forget...I hated my self for being fat. I was a failure. To myself and others.

One Fat Chick Bio

I'm 38, overweight, out of shape and suffer from obesity related illnesses.
But I'm on a mission to change all of that.
I'm recaiming my life one pound at a time.

Some days are a breeze others, not so much. First let me tell you how I got fat. I could blame my weight issues on the bad things that have happened to me in my life, my brother was murdered and my little boy passed away. Oh, I did have jumps in my weight during those times but the reason I am fat is....I love food. Food is great. The feel of chocolate melting and coating my tongue with that lucious milk chocolately goodness. Yum! Pizza, on my goodness, PIZZA. The best food ever! tons of melted cheese over top of crusty garlicky bread. Mmmm Mmmm good. Potato chips, what can I say about the potato chip other than it is the best snack ever made.

See I love food, sadly not the heathy variety.

I also hate to exercise, ok hate is a strong word. I really don't despise exercise, i'm just too lazy. Why exercise when there are books to be read, movies to be watched and a million other things that are way more fun than making ones self sweat.

My love of food added to my inactive lifestyle equaled: one fat chick.

I am 5'1 and over 200 lbs. (well not now, I way less) I have type 2 diabeties. I take several meds: two shots and 3 types of pills. I am suppose to take more but I don't. Walking up stairs is torture, seeing my feet over my stomach: impossible. My balance is bad, my blah blah blah. I could go on forever about the negatives of being fat.

After over 15 years of being fat it happened: i realized their is no magic pill that will make me slim, my doctor can only help me so much if I'm not willing to help myself, and spending countless amounts of money on unused exercise videos will not give me the healthy body I crave. I was so tired of living my life around my med schedule. I was tired of hiding my body behind bulky clothes. I was tired of waiting for my life to happen. I was tired of be tired all the time.

Finally my mind, body and the universe aligned perfectly and a light bulb moment occured. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN LOOSE MY WEIGHT. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR ME.

Thus began my mission to acheive the healthiest version of me.