Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yummy for the Tummy

Last nights BodyByVi shake was: Pina Coloda!
Ok... this is the best so far. I have loved all the other flavors I've tried but this one made me feel like I was cheating on my weightloss journey!

The Shake:
Two scoops of the BodyByVi shake mix (2 points if you are on WW points plus)
8 oz of almond milk (add a little water if you want)
Fresh pineapple - I used two handfuls
Small Spoonful of jello pudding coconut powder (optional)
Coconut extract
1 packet of Truvia (totally optional, I like my shakes on the sweeter side)

I find that the shake blends better and easier if you add everything but the ice, blend a few seconds that add the ice.Blend until ice is well crushed. Enjoy this sinful tasting meal!

Also, still insulin free. Don't worry I check my sugar levels often. *I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  I AM NOT RECOMMENDING YOU DRINK THE SHAKES AND STOP TAKING YOUR INSULIN OR ANY OF YOUR MEDS* I am working closely with my doctor and as always I respect her opinions and follow her advice.

No major changes in my weight at this time but my clothes are much getting a little too big! Woohoo !!!

Yes I am a big fan of Weight Watchers and BodyByVi. Do I wish everyone was on these two programs? Yes I do. But everyones journey is different. If you are overweight and want to change that, DO SOMETHING! What works for me might not be what you want. Just please try to do something to change your health for the better.

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