Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Road Taken To Often

Diabetes is a rough road travel. But it is a road I put myself on and now it’s time to take control. For years my sugar has been controlling me. I’m tired of it. This is the year I get my health back on track.
I will do this, one pound at a time. One healthy habit at a time. One positive thing at a time.
What I have done up to now:
·         I started Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds. I have many more pounds to go.
·         I have taken all my meds on time and every day. (In the past I hardly ever took my meds as I was suppose to) *I am now off my insulin shots*
·         I eat 2 apples a day. I have discovered I love love love apples. Granny Smith apples rock!
·         Most times I make healthy food choices.
·         I have weeded the negative people out of my life.
·         I learned to accept myself and my flaws (this was the hardest)

What I am beginning to do and plan to do this year:
·         I will focus on nutrition. I am doing this by way of BodyByVi and educating myself.
·         No more obsessing over the number on the scales.
·         This week I am going to slowly add exercise to my daily life.
·         My mental health is just as important as my physical health I am going to take steps to bring some sanity to my life.
·         I am going to try new things. Maybe face a fear or two.
There will be times when I slip. I am okay with that. It is what I do after those bad moments that will define me. Continue my healthy path or give up?
Ready to take charge of your health? Here are some links.
My BodyByVi Site

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