Friday, March 2, 2012

Bouncing off the walls

So two weeks ago I started drinking the BodyByVi nutritional shakes. I have had great things happen to my health. My once extremely dry skin is now so soft and smooth and I am finally off  insulin shots!

Now another 'side effect' of feeding my body great nutrition is I have so much energy. I can't sit still! I am so full of energy I am literally bouncing off the walls and can't sit down. Which is not good for lazy me who wants to watch her favorite TV shows. Now it's very good for new me who has the laundry caught up and is able to do a lot of sewing. I plan on finishing up two zombie dolls tonight!

Tomorrow I will use this excess energy to clean and organize my sewing room. (it is a total train wreck). Maybe clean out the 'junk' room. Oh... new thought I may just move the sewing room to the junk room and make the sewing room a..a... I don't know. A guest room? A workout room?

When I finally work off some energy I have some planning to do:
1. I am working on my reward/bucket list. I hope to share it with you one day.
2. I need to make a goal list. I find it works for me if I have small goals to work toward. Gives me focus.
3. A novel I am working on is way to long, I'm going to murder it and start from scratch. Which is just insane since I'm well over 20 something chapters into it. But oh well it's my make believe world and it needs an over haul.

Dinner time and tonight's shake is... Almond Joy!!! I will share the recipe tomorrow.

As always... there are so many good weight loss plans out there. Research, find one you like, talk to your doctor and do it!

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